1862 Penfield Road | Penfield, NY 14526 | (585) 381-7300



Current Limited Openings:
5 Day 4s
3 Day 4s
For Current Families: November 1st
For Alumni Families: November 19th
For New Families: December 1st

For over 51 years, Penfield Village Nursery School and Transitional Kindergarten has been teaching children through play-based education. With small classes and experienced teachers, we provide the best setting for problem solving, language acquisition, literacy, math and social development through play! We offer classes for children 2-5 years old in a warm and nurturing environment. Schedule a tour today so that you can “Come to a Place Where Learning is Fun!

Penfield Village Nursery School and Kindergarten is a non-profit school for children ages 2 through 5. We offer curbside drop-off and pick-up service for students aged three and older.

Our school entrance is camera-monitored and locked throughout the school day. We have CPR trained teachers and assistants on staff daily.

Registration information for the 2022-2023 school year can be found under the Registration tab.


Please see our reopening plan under registration.

**Please don’t hesitate to call, 381-7300 or email directorpvns@gmail.com for information.  


PVNS Contact Information

Phone: (585) 381-7300

Fax: (585) 381-7333

Email: penfieldvillagens@gmail.com

Address: 1862 Penfield Rd

Penfield, NY 14526





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