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For over 51 years, Penfield Village Nursery School and Transitional Kindergarten has been teaching children through play-based education. With small classes and experienced teachers, we provide the best setting for problem solving, language acquisition, literacy, math and social development through play! We offer affordable classes for children 2-5 years old in a warm and nurturing environment. Schedule a tour today so that you can “Come to a Place Where Learning is Fun!

Penfield Village Nursery School and Kindergarten is a non-profit school for children ages 2 through 5. We offer curbside drop-off and pick-up service for students aged three and older.

Our school entrance is camera-monitored and locked throughout the school day. We have CPR trained teachers and assistants on staff daily.

Registration information for the 2021-2022 school year can be found under the Registration tab.


Please see our reopening plan under registration.

**Please don’t hesitate to call, 381-7300 or email directorpvns@gmail.com for information.  


PVNS Contact Information

Phone: (585) 381-7300

Fax: (585) 381-7333

Email: penfieldvillagens@gmail.com

Address: 1862 Penfield Rd

Penfield, NY 14526





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